■広島大学         hiroshima-univ
■広島大学消費生活協同組合 hiroshima-univ-coop

International Student Support

広島空港-広島大学周辺 送迎バスのご案内 Pick-upService

Pick-up service for newly enrolled International Student
Those who meet you cannot take the bus

・This service is for new International student who enroll in Hiroshima University.
・This is a paid service. Please pay "2,000yen" to the staff before boarding.
※If you cancel without any notice on the scheduled day, there is a cancellation fee \1,000- at the later date.
・This service is offered for 3 days, from September 28,29,30

【出発予時刻 The departure times】

■広島空港発 Departure from Hiroshima Airport ・・・12:30


・The departure times would be changed due to the flight delay. After all students with a reservation have arrived, we start the pick-up bus.
・More than two international students cannot apply on one application form together. Each of you have to make an application SEPERATELY with your own ID. If you make an application for you and your friends, you might not take our pick-up bus.
・Only family members can apply together. However, only one person is allowed.

【降車場所 Drop off place】

■東広島キャンパス内「学生プラザ」The Student Plaza in Higashi-hiroshima Campus

【「広島大学推奨 留学生アパート」「森戸3+1プログラム学生用宿舎」に入居される方】

・New resident of the Recommended Apartments for International Student by Hiroshima University should get off at the Student Plaza and attend in an explanatory meeting (14:00). The room key will be handed to you in the meeting and then you can move in.

【当日の受付について Pick-up on scheduled day】

■受付開始時間 Reception start time ・・・



Our pick-up bus might be behind schedule. We appreciate your understanding.
We wait you until your arrival, even if your flight to Hiroshima airport gets delayed.
・There are no passenger limitations; everyone who booked this service beforehand can get on the bus.
・You need to book for the pick-up bus service.
・An e-mail of the application completion becomes the reservation confirmation.
※Please make sure to Click the SEND Button at last.
・Please print out the confirmation and bring it with you on the day you get on the bus.
When you have the e-mail of the confirmation in your mobile phone, please show us it.
※If you don't have the confirmation, you cannot get on the bus.

The pick-up service will be canceled if there are no reservations.

【集合場所 Meeting Place

■広島空港 国内線到着ロビー Hiroshima Airport Arrival lobby


Staff from Hiroshima Univ Co-op, holding a placard will be waiting for you at the domestic arrival lobby one hour prior to leave.

【お預かり荷物許容量(おひとり様)>Baggage allowance per person】

・個 数:2個(重量23kg以内/個)
Number : 2bags(weight 23 kg/per bag)
Size  : The sum of the three dimensions (height+width+depth) should be within 203cm.

※You cannot get on the bus if your baggage is overweight or oversized. If so, you need to take other transportation.

【メール受信設定に制限をかけている方 Those who put a restriction on receiving e-mail】


.Please configure your mail system so that you can receive e-mails from following domain names.

■申込受付期間 Application period
 ※受付期間終了後は、新規申込みはできません。Be aware that you cannot apply after the application period has finished

Pick-up service

■Application form for the pick-up bus service/ change the application form




 Please read the trip conditions book below before applying. Also, please print out the trip conditions book when applying.

 標準旅行業約款  国内手配旅行取引条件書

旅行企画・実施/Travel Planning,Implementation

広島県知事登録 旅行業第2-169号
広島大学消費生活協同組合 西2コープショップ
〒739-0046 広島県東広島市鏡山1丁目7番1号
総合旅行業務取扱管理者 園田純子


 Please do not make a promise to meet up with your tutor and friend at Hiroshima Airport.It may cause a delay for the bus.
Please make a promise to meet up at the bus stop.
 If you can't meet your tutor or you have to go away from the bus stop, we can't help you.
 If you want to call with your tutor, prepare your own mobile phone which you can use in Japan, or please make sure about time and place you meet before you leave for Japan.